What we're doing to resist COVID-19 at The Angel



We want you to know that we are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all our customers and staff as we work to re-open our business following the lock-down of the hospitality industry . We understand that keeping Covid-19 out of our hotel is of paramount importance and we shall be doing all we can to minimise the risk of letting infection onto our premises.

We are rearranging our public areas to reflect the current guidelines around social distancing and putting in place a range of plans to ensure that any contact we have with our customers is risk assessed and where necessary, kept to a friendly but practical minimum.


This having been said, we are trying our best to create a welcoming but safe setting where our customers will feel they are in familiar surroundings and able to enjoy the atmosphere of The Angel again although this will involve some elements of control.

To this end we will be operating a 'table service' only model which means that customers will only be allowed entry to the building if there is a suitable table for them to occupy at anytime of the day. We will ask that you enter the building only by the front door and wait to be seated by the member of staff there to greet you.

This will allow any queue to be undercover in times of inclement weather. The menu will be displayed in this area and we shall be employing a 'QR CODE' for simple access to view our menu online for those with Smartphones.

Once shown to your table, which could be in the bar or restaurant depending on business levels, you will be looked after by a designated member of staff who will take your order and deliver your choices to your table on trays - whether they be food or drinks. We will try to limit touch points wherever possible and will be encouraging everyone to sanitise their hands before and after any  touching that is unavoidable.


We do not want to use gloves or face coverings unless absolutely necessary as this will undermine our wish to create a welcoming environment but rest assured that behind the scenes all appropriate precautions will be in place for the creation and maintenance of a safe and healthy customer experience.


The toilets will be available for use on a 'one out / one in' system for each space. There will be locks on the ladies and gents doors so that when you go in you can ensure a social distance. There will be sanitiser at the entrance so all door touches can be made safe. Please be courteous and if you see there is a queue, wait at your table to avoid unnecessary bunching.


If the weather allows, we shall enjoy serving you on the patio at the suitably distanced tables. Again, we will only be able to look after you if there is a table available. Please do not enter that area unless there is a free table. Tables that have not been cleared will need to be sanitised prior to new customers using them so please wait until this done.  


Even with our best efforts to create a welcoming and relaxing environment for our customers, we do ask you all to realise that you have a responsibility too. Please take care to avoid unnecessary contact and proximity to other customers. We shall not question groups who arrive as 'a bubble' and wish to sit together but please remain in your groups. We will struggle to accommodate bubbles of more than 6 people but please be reasonable and sensible. The guidelines are there for all our safety and we cannot risk getting an infection in our business.


If a customer seems to misunderstand any of our signage or instructions during their visit and doesn't want to comply with the necessary requests, we reserve the right to ask them to leave not withstanding the status of their meal or drink. We have to ensure the safety of all our customers.

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