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The hotel dates from the 15th Century and provides a characterful and quirky internal layout but this does make access a little awkward in places. The bars, courtyard and restaurant are all on ground level and we have specially made ramps for the odd small steps in order to facilitate the use of wheelchairs for these areas. Visitors arriving in the car park and using wheelchairs should go around to the front of the hotel and gain access via the front door. (The door off the patio at the rear enters a small porch and then involves two steps down into the Courtyard area for which there is a handrail.)

There is a bell-push on the right hand side of the front door which will alert staff in the bar to come out and help with the ramps.

When booking a table in the restaurant it is worth mentioning any expected use of a wheelchair to arrive at or indeed use during the meal so that a suitable table can be allocated in advance. We can accommodate some mobility scooters as well but again it is worth mentioning when booking, the nature of any vehicle to check on available space.

All our bedrooms are on the first floor, which again comprises a number of small steps as the corridor progresses around the building. The main flight of stairs consists of 12 steps with a hand rail on both sides and there is then a small flight of 5 steps with a right hand hand-rail. Most rooms are spacious enough for manoeuvring a walking frame or similar as are the bathrooms but please feel free to discuss your requirements with our staff when enquiring about booking a room so that the most suitable accommodation can be provided.

It is important for us to be informed about certain disabilities where they may affect our ability to evacuate the building safely in case of fire. Therefore we ask that any guests who may not be able to hear the fire alarm or who would struggle to get downstairs within five minutes of hearing the fire alarm, let us know on booking or at least on check in so that we can be suitably aware in advance.

If you have any questions regarding accessibility, please telephone or email to discuss the matter.

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