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Booking Terms & Conditions

  • We do not take deposits for accommodation bookings but do ask for card details to guarantee all rooms booked with the authority to charge potential cancellation charges to the card in the event that insufficient notice is given when cancelling these rooms.

  • Any cancellation must be made in writing either by email to the hotel address or conventional letter. When cancelling 1 or 2 two rooms, notice of 72 hours is required whilst when cancelling 3 or more rooms, 2 week’s notice is required. In each instance we refer to a check-in time of 4pm.

  • Guests who are concerned about incurring cancellation charges are reminded to consider taking out insurance to protect them in these circumstances as in the event that we cannot re-let the cancelled rooms, we will charge the card details supplied with the shortfall. It may be worth checking with existing insurers to see if cover is already in place but many companies offer short term holiday cover and can be found online.

  • We do not allow pets (dogs, cats or other animals) in any of the bedrooms. Dogs are allowed in the back bar and the courtyard during the day if on a lead and must not be allowed to cause a nuisance to other guests by barking or lying in the way etc.

  • Children of 15 years and under are allowed in all areas of the hotel except the back bar which is for over 18’s only. Children must be accompanied by an adult unless express permission has been granted for exceptional circumstances eg: a teenage supper in the restaurant or a child resident wishing to read downstairs etc.

  • When using the Hotel WIFI provision, individuals undertake to indemnify the hotel in respect of the nature and content of any material downloaded or uploaded via this service where the access to such material may breach UK law. By using the password to access the service, individuals are deemed to have accepted this condition.

  • Residents are reminded that any breakages or damage caused to their bedroom and facilities (fair wear and tear excepted) will be assessed and where necessary charged to their card details. This includes unreasonable soiling of towelling or linen which will be charged in line with the policy set out by the laundry company.

  • Residents are reminded that smoking is not permitted in any area of the hotel including the bedrooms and upstairs corridors. If it is discovered that a guest has been smoking in their bedroom, a charge not exceeding the cost of one night’s stay may be charged if it proves impossible to let the room following that guest’s departure.

  • When booking a single occupancy room, a guest will be allocated the most suitable room available at the time. This may be a twin or a double bedded room. If the guest requires a double bedded room for single occupancy, the double rate may be charged to guarantee this where the hotel is unable to sell twin rooms to couples. This will only apply if this guest’s booking means that all double rooms are sold and twin bedded rooms remain available on the night in question.

  • Room 4 is located above the ‘Back Bar’ and can be affected by noise from below. Weekend evenings and bank holidays tend to be busier for example. This detail is explained to all those enquiring and booking this room and for many it is not an issue as our guests rarely remain in their rooms particularly at weekends. In any event, the bar finishes serving at 11.30 at the latest and the music is turned down. The bar is empty by midnight except for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Please consider this before booking this room.

  • SPECIAL OFFER Ts+Cs:  All offers are available on a first come first served basis according to availability.

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